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 While my digital camera is still being repaired, i used the time to add some more thoughts and information - to be found under "about me"


 At last, some new pictures made it to my website, most of them showing me during my stay in London in autumn 2001. i hope you like them. enjoy.


 Due to a apparent failure with the old hoster without any notification so far about what happened, i lost some data from the homepage. After waiting quite some time for the hoster to come back up, i decided to switch to a new provider and re-setup the site. So if there are any broken links or problems, please let me know. i am trying to bring up everything and of course more material as fast as possible !


 Thanks to everybody who supports me, supported me in the past and will in the future. Without all that help, deliberately or not, i couldn't have gone so far. Life has been very kind to me lately and also very educating - and after all, life is mainly formed by the people playing a part in it. It might sound sentimental, but recent events just call for a THANK YOU to all whom contributed !